Webpack integration for Flask.

flask_webpackext.config.WEBPACKEXT_MANIFEST_LOADER = None

Manifest loader use to load manifest. By default JinjaManifestLoader.

flask_webpackext.config.WEBPACKEXT_MANIFEST_PATH = 'dist/manifest.json'

Path to manifest file relative to static folder.

flask_webpackext.config.WEBPACKEXT_PROJECT = None

Webpack project.

flask_webpackext.config.WEBPACKEXT_PROJECT_BUILDDIR = None

Directory where Webpack project should be copied to prior to build. By default assets.

flask_webpackext.config.WEBPACKEXT_PROJECT_DISTDIR = None

Directory where Webpack output files should be written to. By default dist.

flask_webpackext.config.WEBPACKEXT_PROJECT_DISTURL = None

URL path to where Webpack output files are accessible. By default dist.

flask_webpackext.config.WEBPACKEXT_STORAGE_CLS = None

Default storage class. By default FileStorage.